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The Gymnastic Rings

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The Gymnastic Rings

They are easily one of the best purchases I have ever made and very affordable. Being so versatile they allow you to perform a range of compound bodyweight exercises such as the pull-up, dip, row and push-up at home. You can spend a lot of time here getting stronger and mastering the basics, but can also train more experienced moves such as the front lever, back lever and the muscle up just to name a few. The rings are very challenging at first because they are freely movable, this can make a basic exercise such as a push-up a lot more difficult as you have to stabilise yourself throughout the movement.

The main reason I choose to train on the gymnastic rings is because they are fun. I preach a lot about enjoying the exercise you do because consistency is what is going to get you results and if you do not enjoy the exercise you are doing week in week out then chances are you are not going to stick with it. I have no background in gymnastics but training gymnastic moves provides the perfect balance of being a challenge for my body while being fun.

You can train with them anywhere providing you have somewhere stable for them to anchor on to. I have frequently trained on mine in the park by hooking them up over a tree and while you might get some weird looks who cares? More often than not though I hook them onto my doorway pull up bar. If I had to recommend one piece of fitness equipment to workout at home it would be the rings. So give them a go if you think it is something that might interest you. The wooden ones are a little more expensive but are worth it in my opinion, I have had mine for over 6 years now and they are still holding up well.

If you have any questions send me a message and I will be happy to help.

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