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The Dip

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The dip is one of my personal favourite exercises that I like to focus on to build strength. In this clip I am performing them on a pair of gymnastic rings which makes the exercise harder due to the instability of the rings. They mostly work the chest, shoulders and triceps and can be performed on something as simple as two chairs.

The key to progress with dips is to scale the difficulty and work within your current strength level. This could mean using bands for assistance, performing on parallel bars, or just focusing on the top position of the movement. I am still progressing with these myself, focusing on my form to increase my strength and adding additional weight.

If you would like to give them a go here are some points to focus on when performing the exercise:

  1. Keep your core tight and your feet in front of you throughout the movement as this will help to keep you stable and work your abs and glutes. Do not allow your elbows to flare out and keep them as close to your body as possible.

  2. You want to go down until your upper arm is around parallel to the floor for the exercise to be as effective as possible. I go slightly lower in the clip which is not recommended as it can result in injury, however I have been doing these for a while.

  3. Push back up into the top position by straightening your arms and locking your elbows out.

Do not rush these and pick a difficulty to work within a 8-12 rep range and try to increase the reps every time you do them. If you have any questions send me a message and I will be happy to help.

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