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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Over the years of working out at home I have invested in different types of equipment to get the most out of my training. Some which have been effective and I have fit into my routine and others which have not been effective. Below are the top five pieces of equipment I recommend for anyone looking to workout from home.

Gymnastic rings- My top pick from this list due to how versatile they are. You can perform compound bodyweight exercises such as the pull-up, dip, row and push-up all of which can be scaled upwards to increase the difficulty or downwards if you are just getting started. I always keep mine set up high to simply hang from throughout the day to keep my shoulders and spine feeling good.

Bands- I mostly use bands as a warm up tool for my shoulders, but they can also be used to add resistance to exercises as well as make more advanced exercises easier by reducing the load in certain movements.

Parallettes- The latest piece of kit I have picked up and similarly to the gymnastic rings can be used to perform a bunch of different exercises. I am having a lot of fun with mine performing L-sits and will use them for planche work in the future.

Yoga mat- A good non-slip mat can help make stretching easier especially if the floor you workout on is slippy. Although I don’t do much yoga it is still useful to have as it works quite well as an exercise mat when on harder surfaces.

Foam roller- Useful for recovery after workouts and improving range of motion and mobility before workouts. Foam rolling my back and spine after sitting all day feels great and I use mine a few times a week if I feel like I need it.

If you have any questions or are interested in online and in personal training send me a message and I will be happy to help.

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